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Why Are My White Cabinets Turning Yellow?

Why are my white cabinets turning yellow?

Have you ever stepped into a kitchen and been surrounded by yellowing cabinets? Do you find yourself asking “why are my white cabinets turning yellow” every morning when you step into your kitchen to brew your coffee? They should be white! The yellow cabinets seem to be closing in on you, and all you want to see is stark white paint. Sadly, with time and improper application, this happens. This isn’t rare and is something we strive to not let happen. In older kitchens, yellowing is inevitable, but know this: that doesn’t have to happen again.The question of why often comes up, and to be honest, yellowing is about the age of the finish on the cabinets.  Nearly all cabinets prior to the year 2000 were painted with oil/solvent based products. With time these products turn yellow.  So the question really is, how do you fix it?  Well to fix it you have 2 choices 1. Replace the cabinets or refinishing the cabinets. Using waterbased or waterborne base products this will not happen. This time, the cabinets will be done right, and the yellow kitchen will be gone! If you’re ready for a change,  schedule a free estimate online or call our office (973)828-0951.

Some will consider re-facing cabinets, rather than painting. With high costs, you might as well replace all of the cabinetry. Similarly, many dollars can also be spent to stain, and furthermore, there is no guarantee with the results. Stripping and staining is a complicated process and may leave an uneven finish. Therefore, painting remains the best option

Before the wave of white cabinets were earth tones and dark styles. White cabinets offer a light and bright look. In a kitchen, you want a clean feeling and nothing else! The crisp look of a white kitchen is welcoming and offers a versatile base for the rest of the design of the kitchen. A basic cabinet will look good for years – if done right – and allows you to run free with the rest of the designs in the kitchen.

With trends, granite counters, and the disgust of yellowed-out cabinets (usually oak or maple), painting kitchen cabinets white has become a great alternative. Sure, we paint more than just white cabinets! We have black, gray, and the occasional blue project, although we service every other color under the sun you can come up with. To this day, white cabinets seem to be the most common projects.

Our Process

No two projects will ever be the same, therefore, the costs will vary. We take the type of wood, number of doors and drawers, and configuration into consideration. Sure to walk you through the process, you never have to wonder about what is going on in your kitchen. Every step is a contributing factor towards the end result from the operation of stripping to the primers used and the number of coats. For example, when painting oak cabinets, more layers are required. Panting white is highly technical and our painters are experts, able to answer any and all of your questions!

If you’re ready to freshen up your home, contact us! Schedule a free estimate today and be rid of your yellow kitchen. Don’t underestimate what a paint job can do for your home. We promise you.. you will love your cabinets again!


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